Sunday, December 18, 2011

RIP dear sweet Admiral

Admiral was one of the very first friends we had on here.  It was with a very heavy  heart that I read of her passing tonight (been away from blogger and so forth-work).  I lost my terrier Lady a few months back and I know the pain.  I am sure Lady was most welcoming to Admiral. Lady loves sweet cats.  We send our condolences and love to you and yours. ♥

Merry Christmas from our house to yours

Work/new job has kept me somewhat busy but today we brought our cats a Christmas stocking and they were elated. I am making the rounds to the blogs xoxo.

 Whiskers enjoying her mousey.

 Whiskers, Tigger, and Kitty inspecting their presents

 Whiskers, Smokey, Tigger and Kitty happy as clams.

 The cats are at play.

Smokey and Whiskers loving their toys.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We are back, sorry for the absence

I had dental work done this week and that has kept me relaxed.  The cats chose this time to take advantage of my being "sleepy" and to misbehave at times.  Whiskers and Kitty have fought again, Tigger helped with that.  Mommy was not amused with that.  :).

We have enjoyed our first snow this year and the cats hate the cold though.  This is Kitty taking care of her mommy after her dental surgery.  We missed all of you.  We were sorry to hear of Opus's passing.

Friday, November 25, 2011

You got the cutest lil baby face

I didn't adopt Smokey til he was around 3ish but I found some "baby" pics of Tigger, Whiskers and Kitty.

This was Tigger in 2002, he was a few months old.  He was a conniver even then :)

 Whiskers was under a year old here (we assume).  She had the cutest widdle face :).

This is Kitty around 5 months old (I assume again).  She had an intent look even then :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A funny memory of my cats and my hurt back

A few years ago I  had hurt my back and was going to lay down on the floor as that helped.  I had set up place and this is what I found when I was ready to actually lie down. Yep, Smokey, Whiskers and Kitty were upon there. Kitty was still a kitten and she was being a ham.  I let them lay with me.  How could anyone toss off these angels ♥

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Knitting with mother on a cold Saturday

I had decided to start knitting for a hobby and of course the cats wanted to help me.  The first pic is of Whiskers chewing the yarn.  

 Kitty eyeing the knitting loom, she later did play with my yarn too grrr.

 Tigger wanting to have his shot at knitting.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 weeks and going strong :)

I am thrilled that in the three weeks I have had this blog going, I have met some wonderful folks on here.  My cats love it, especially my princesses Whiskers and Kitty.  ♥

Picture perfect (a rarity for these two)

The day after Lady died, Whiskers and Kitty spent the day with me in the bedroom.  I had felt so down and kept to myself.  I had decided to snap a pic of them sharing the bed with me.  As soon as I got the camera ready, they actually posed for this picture.  I was shocked lol.  I guess they knew Mommy was still hurt.

When Lady was around, the cats weren't on the bed too much as Lady did like to chase them for fun (sometimes).  Oh a funny note, my fb friend said they looked "shady" lol.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Living in a decent neighborhood, we have many cats that run around here.  I hope no one minds that I do want to show some of them off to ya.  This is Oren, our neighbor's young kitten/nearly a cat.  He is a sprite little one, with an attitude and mind of his own.

He is the sweetest lil thing to us but he has been known to torment other cats smaller than him.  He basically said "jump in the lake" to Whiskers when she hissed at him through the screen door.  He is a handful to his parents but he is one of our fave cats to have around :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Playtime in our home

Playtime in our house.  The first two were Kitty and Tigger getting ready to wrestle.  This was harmless and no one was hurt.  Normally when Kitty and Whiskers tangle, we have to intervene. 

I brought a cat toy after Lady died and Kitty and Whiskers love to play with it.  This was on our bed and they love to entertain mother:))

We thank you for visiting our page and helping to make it grow.  Cat kisses xo

RIP Lady, their rat terrier sister

Lady was our rat terrier that passed on this past September 23, and the cats did mourn her.  Tigger was the closest to Lady and Whiskers had learned to tolerate her (they didn't click).  This pic was of all of them trying to get on daddy while he was watching football. Even though this is a cat blog, I felt Lady deserved a mention and tribute:).   From L to R, Tigger, Lady, Whiskers, and Kitty.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Strike a pose (cat blooper pics)

My cats are my favorite subject of photography and of course, there are those "bloopers".  My cats are no different.  Enjoy!

Tigger turned away as I tried to snap his pic.  

Kitty refused to post and gave this "lovely" pose.  I told her I was keeping this lol.

 Kitty and Whiskers turned away as I snapped the shot of them, I was peeved!

Smokey (lower left) and Whiskers (upper right) turned away as I snapped this Motley Crew bunch :).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our baby girl Kitty

I named her Kitty when adapted her in November 2007.  I feel putting the Miss as her full name is fitting (Gunsmoke).  She was supposed to be a foster cat but you know how that went.  She is a spriteful lil thing and loves to aggravate Whiskers and the other cats.  She is the smartest pet I have ever had, very sly and sneaky. Kitty would tell you how she is the princess and she is above Whiskers.  I rule the roost for real around here.

Whiskers the Queen

This is Whiskers, our dilute tortoiseshell cat picked off the street in July 2005 as a young kitten.  She had kept running after us after we would walk by her home.  I fell for her and we ended up taking her home.  She is great with kids and people but she hates other animals though.  She wasn't thrilled to see the other pets at first but she learned to adapt.  Whiskers would tell you that I am the Queen of the house and I like to keep my servants at bay.  And I love showing Kitty who is the diva and who is the lesser one;).  Oh I have the tortitude attitude and I love to show it, much to my mommy's chagrin;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tigger, the orange tabby with spunk

We got Tigger as a kitten a month after we got married (June 2002), so he is our first pet together.  He has a defiant attitude at times but he can such a lover.  He is still a sneaky cat and loves to knock stuff over to get our attention.  In Tiggers words, I have my dad wrapped around my paws and I love to pick on my younger siblings at times.  I like to surprise my parents but hard to fool my mother.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our firstborn, Smokey

He was adopted after I lost my dog Princess in April 2001.  He loves to be cuddled for about a minute.  He will stare the cats down when he is "tattling" on them.  He is easygoing but he doesn't like strangers at first, it takes a while to warm up to them.  In his works, I take care of my wayward younger siblings while keeping my parents sane.

Welcome to my cats world.

I know there are many cat lovers and blogs out there and I wanted to join in.  My cats would be a perfect fit in the world of cat blogging.  Smokey, Tigger, Whiskers and Kitty welcome all cats and their stories. xo