Friday, November 11, 2011

Strike a pose (cat blooper pics)

My cats are my favorite subject of photography and of course, there are those "bloopers".  My cats are no different.  Enjoy!

Tigger turned away as I tried to snap his pic.  

Kitty refused to post and gave this "lovely" pose.  I told her I was keeping this lol.

 Kitty and Whiskers turned away as I snapped the shot of them, I was peeved!

Smokey (lower left) and Whiskers (upper right) turned away as I snapped this Motley Crew bunch :).


Princess Jasmine said...

I love the second picture. Kitty looks like she is in Halloween mode hee he :)xx

~E said...

Sometime I need to put up the one of Whiskers my friend made for Halloween hahahahaha. Yep Kitty showed herself lol

Fuzzy Tales said...

That's like picture-taking at our house. Ha. The bloopers are great!

~E said...

Thank you. It is like pulling teeth out sometimes to get their pics. LOL

meowmeowmans said...

We love outtakes! Anyone who takes pictures of cats has a bunch of these. Thank COD for digital cameras. :)

Lucy the Cat said...

Great bloopers! We definitely have more blooper pics than good ones and it's always hard to delete them. Anyway, fun to see the kitties not posing. :)

p.s. I've stopped by before but for some reason haven't been able to leave a comment.