Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whiskers the Queen

This is Whiskers, our dilute tortoiseshell cat picked off the street in July 2005 as a young kitten.  She had kept running after us after we would walk by her home.  I fell for her and we ended up taking her home.  She is great with kids and people but she hates other animals though.  She wasn't thrilled to see the other pets at first but she learned to adapt.  Whiskers would tell you that I am the Queen of the house and I like to keep my servants at bay.  And I love showing Kitty who is the diva and who is the lesser one;).  Oh I have the tortitude attitude and I love to show it, much to my mommy's chagrin;)


Fuzzy Tales said...

Sounds like our "angel" Annie, only she really didn't adapt to we boys, unfortunately.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

taurusgal26 said...
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