Sunday, December 18, 2011

RIP dear sweet Admiral

Admiral was one of the very first friends we had on here.  It was with a very heavy  heart that I read of her passing tonight (been away from blogger and so forth-work).  I lost my terrier Lady a few months back and I know the pain.  I am sure Lady was most welcoming to Admiral. Lady loves sweet cats.  We send our condolences and love to you and yours. ♥

Merry Christmas from our house to yours

Work/new job has kept me somewhat busy but today we brought our cats a Christmas stocking and they were elated. I am making the rounds to the blogs xoxo.

 Whiskers enjoying her mousey.

 Whiskers, Tigger, and Kitty inspecting their presents

 Whiskers, Smokey, Tigger and Kitty happy as clams.

 The cats are at play.

Smokey and Whiskers loving their toys.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We are back, sorry for the absence

I had dental work done this week and that has kept me relaxed.  The cats chose this time to take advantage of my being "sleepy" and to misbehave at times.  Whiskers and Kitty have fought again, Tigger helped with that.  Mommy was not amused with that.  :).

We have enjoyed our first snow this year and the cats hate the cold though.  This is Kitty taking care of her mommy after her dental surgery.  We missed all of you.  We were sorry to hear of Opus's passing.