Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas from our house to yours

Work/new job has kept me somewhat busy but today we brought our cats a Christmas stocking and they were elated. I am making the rounds to the blogs xoxo.

 Whiskers enjoying her mousey.

 Whiskers, Tigger, and Kitty inspecting their presents

 Whiskers, Smokey, Tigger and Kitty happy as clams.

 The cats are at play.

Smokey and Whiskers loving their toys.


Lucy the Cat said...

I'm not able to post/visit much either due to work. It's great to see your kitties enjoying their early Christmas gift!

~E said...

Thank you, sweet Lucy. They managed to open the package of catnip and OMG lol.

Julia Williams said...

I love when pet parents include their four legged friends in the festivities. Pets need presents too! =^..^=

~E said...

I agree, Julia. They loved their stuff and they are STILL playing with it. We also like to buy special food for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and so forth ;)

Lynx217 said...

You are lucky kitteh's! We got NOTHING! TSB says we no get toys because noisy brofur yaps all night dragging them around! Beh!

Queen Jadzia