Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ticked off, animal neglect makes me MAD!

Hubby and I went for a walk in our old neighborhood and saw our old home.  Our landlady had 7 cats and 1 dog and her "trusted" caretakers were supposed to watch out for them since she is in a nursing home.  Well we had learned the dog died and so did 1 cat (that we know of).  The other cats looked horrible and the signs of neglect were there.  

I had met the new tenants and they told me that the "caretakers" told them "don't feed the f-cking cats".  I went through the ceiling.  I was ready to take the ones who would come to me right there.  That night, we brought a bag of food and dumped it in their bowl and told them "help is here".  Since we moved out two months ago, their weight has dropped drastically.  What would you all do?  Hubby and I said next weekend we just might snag Mary and keep her here til we can get her to a no kill shelter.  The other cats are more skittish.  I am just livid!!  I am also ticked the "caretakers" accused the neighbors of poisoning them. I know that is a LIE because they have cats and feed strays.  They are like us.  

From our home, all is good.  I found the cause of my vertigo (migraine associated disequilibrium) and I am treating it with diet and meds.  Whiskers and Kitty are still the divas around here.  I tried to get recent pics but those lil stinkers knew how to get me.  Smokey is just being the man of the house and Tigger likes to lounge around. All good here.


Brian said...

Poor babies, that makes us angry too. Grab what you can...and sneak food to the resr!

Sherlock the cat said...

You did the right thing by helping out those poor kitties! They have no home,no family and are going through a very traumatizing experiance that no cat should ever have to go through.
Thank you for feeding these sweetheart kitties giving them your love.
You did the best you can do and I am so happy to see fellow animal lovers taking a stand against animal neglect or cruelty.
My advice is to continue to feed and care for the kitties the best you can. I understand these 'care givers' are certainly not friendly, (obviously inhumane!) so it may be tricky to try feeding the cats if they're around. Let animal welfare know about this and they can handle the situation, then you can have peace of mind knowing both you and the cats are safe.
On the other hand....
Considering that the 'care givers' have nearly killed the cats, I would say it would be safe to try and do your best to catch the cats and then bring them to your home and show them the love they deserve. These 'caregivers' obviously don't care at all for the cats, so they most likley won't care at all if you catch the cats and bring them to your home.
Later on you can take them to a no-kill shelter.
If that plan does not work well, I would consider notifying the authorities about this--call up animal welfare and let them know as soon as possible before things get worse than they already are.

What you are doing for those cats is wonderful--keep the good work up, and thank you for posting this to spread awarness.
Let me know how things go.

Katie Isabella said...

Mom and I send you love. LOVE! Thank you for being you.

Nerissa said...

Thank goodness those little kitties have you. Get them all to safety and the report those 'care takers' for the no-good-you-know-whats-they-are to the proper authorities. purrs

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That happens too often. Someone is in a nursing home and their animals are neglected or dumped in a high kill shelter. It's sad!

Glad you are feeling better.

meowmeowmans said...

That makes us really mad, too! Thank you for doing what you can for those poor babies. Big hugs to you.

Julia Williams said...

Oh, I would be itching to bust someone's chops over that abuse! It's just so sad. I can't fathom how any "human" could do such a thing. I would remove any cats that would come to you, and if others are showing obvious signs of not being fed, I'd report whoever is responsible for caring for them.

Hannah and Lucy said...

This is so cruel - surely they could at least take them to a shelter if they can't be bothered to feed them. They deserved to be locked up.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

~E said...

I wrote an update to what is up. xoxoxo