Friday, August 31, 2012

update on the strays and the WWE smackdown here at home

Well I have decided to contact the humane society about her cats. My boss said I could go to jail for trying to do the right thing, ie, taking the cats.  I might foster one of them.  Matt and I will take more food this weekend.  It just amazes me how anyone can treat animals that way GRRRRRRR!

As for our home, we are now the house of the WWE Smackdown cat edition.  So many fights.  Yep, my good ole yardstick comes in handy ( to separate not hit them).  Kitty loves to antagonize everyone and Whiskers is such a drama queen about it.  Smokey had let them know he won't tolerate it!  Tigger has been involved with a few scuffles.  Of course it was grocery shopping day, they love that.  It is so much fun to try to keep them out of the stuff.  That right there is a chore lol. Enjoy your weekend and be safe out there.


The Cat From Hell said...

Good Luck with the cats!

Katie Isabella said...

Oh man...bless your heart. xo

Katie Isabella said...

any word? xox

The Lee County Clowder said...

Sending purrrrrrsss for those kitties. We hope someone can take them in and tend for them.

Does their owner know they are being neglected like that? If she is paying that 'caretaker' and he is just keeping the money, there might even be a fraud case in there.